finding the point

I often avoid blogging because I’m always writing in grand generalities. Repeating timelessly boring tripes about life and love. If I were discussing a change in the properties of a neutrino, it would somehow seem more valid, right? I’d be publicly discussing science and inspiring thoughts on the progress of the entire living Earth.

I get lost in that: justifying my actions based on the perceived measurement of their usefulness within the march of technology and enlightenment. Therefore, the things I love doing seem not worth doing. I had a career in the video games industry until I felt it was the equivalent of selling drugs to kids. I write music, but I hate the childish egos and the drunk social scene that it feeds. I see my life’s choices, and most forms of entertainment, as useless. It’s distraction for the rich while countless others starve in silence. This mindstate is crippling for motivation.

As such, the meaning of life becomes some obscure and ever-changing algorithm based on moment to moment appreciation. It’s like an SEO maze of the non-existant soul. I hold education and the scientific process as the saving graces of our world. Does that mean I should be an educator and scientist? I also believe string lights can transform any environment into a safe haven for the mind to relax and function at its best. Does that mean I should start manufacturing string lights?