Robert the Original

I met Victor when I lost my hat.

I met Robert the Original when I gave up my search for a bagel shop.

I saw the sky through my eyelids as the warm, late November sun burned down on them as I laid in the grass.

From the back, Robert is a woman. Big white perm, perfectly fluffed and spun. From the front, well that’s a bit different. He’s a woman with a mustache. Or a man with a perm. The broad insensitive categories our minds jump to in trying to quickly analyze our surroundings.

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The absolute loneliness of the transitional state

Looking back is memorized light. It’s the easy thing to do when you see the truth and the unknown darkness of the road ahead. I think back on the people I knew and loved, none of whom are here now. I think back on old places and friends, all of which are now memories and phone calls. Like how a sex hotline is a memory of passion. Do they still have those? It’s tied into my memory of payphones.

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The Art of Peeing into Jars

For the record, I don’t pee into jars just yet. In another 12 days I begin.

New Orleans is a bathroom nightmare. Nearly every house is a “shotgun”, a straight line of rooms that requires you to traverse every other room to get to the kitchen or bathroom. It’s constructed for maximum airflow, but the side effect is a bladder disaster.

I pee about 4 times a night. Each time I wonder if something’s wrong with me and if I should stick a clothes hangar up my hoohoo to abort my prostate. This new place I’ve moved into is not a “shotgun”, but it does require me to walk through my roommate’s bedroom to use the bathroom, which is directly next to her bed. Continue reading

finding the point

I often avoid blogging because I’m always writing in grand generalities. Repeating timelessly boring tripes about life and love. If I were discussing a change in the properties of a neutrino, it would somehow seem more valid, right? I’d be publicly discussing science and inspiring thoughts on the progress of the entire living Earth.

I get lost in that: justifying my actions based on the perceived measurement of their usefulness within the march of technology and enlightenment. Therefore, the things I love doing seem not worth doing. I had a career in the video games industry until I felt it was the equivalent of selling drugs to kids. I write music, but I hate the childish egos and the drunk social scene that it feeds. I see my life’s choices, and most forms of entertainment, as useless. It’s distraction for the rich while countless others starve in silence. This mindstate is crippling for motivation.

As such, the meaning of life becomes some obscure and ever-changing algorithm based on moment to moment appreciation. It’s like an SEO maze of the non-existant soul. I hold education and the scientific process as the saving graces of our world. Does that mean I should be an educator and scientist? I also believe string lights can transform any environment into a safe haven for the mind to relax and function at its best. Does that mean I should start manufacturing string lights?

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the repairman

A repairman came to fix my oven. In the process, he confessed to being an empath who walks around secretly healing people. He’s still getting comfortable talking about it. After completing the repairs, he asked if we’d like him to psychically clear the room for us. I said “If you’d like”.

He sat down at the kitchen table, closed his eyes, and began taking deep breaths. Only in New Orleans. I was grateful for his originality, his desire to open up, and his lack of fear in sitting in my kitchen breathing like an pneumoniae afflicted airbender, but it took everything to stop myself from laughing. Not at him perse, just at everything. The humor of it all.

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physical location nonsense

A few years ago she said “You know what your problem is?”

I replied somewhat angrily, that hard Jersey accent momentarily slipping through, “What-“

“You’ve had to fight people your whole life.. you don’t know how to stop. Even when there’s no reason or no one left to fight, you just don’t know how to stop.”

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a year long tooth grinding wonderful dream

I took off most of this past year from creating.  It was the first time in my life I didn’t actively judge / hate / respect myself based on my creative output.  It was freedom. From myself.  I’ve experienced A LOT of life this year, something I rarely made time for in the past.

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A Tale of a Queer Prince and the Real Cost of Chicken

A U.S. Department of Justice survey shows that over 32% of arson victims are gay or bisexual.  Take a moment to absorb that number, and then factor in that only about 4% of the US population is openly gay.

However, before getting to the heart of this article, I’d like to preface with a short tale.  It’s the fantastical story of how a straight young boy from a poor home went on an epic journey to become a handsome prince of the queers.

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The Quantum Horse

The question becomes, and perhaps always has been, how can I leverage my current skills and resources to take part in the evolution of human knowledge in a way that I deem healthy and responsible for the human race?  Addendum: in a way that is healthy, responsible and prosperous for the evolution of all life.

I’m pretty sure pop music is out.  Blogging too.  The general video games industry is out as well.  So where does that leave me?  Let’s see.  I, um, have a high school diploma.  I went to programming school for a year and know my way around java.  But not so much these days.  I’m a good drummer?

If I was living in Europe I would just go to a university.  Take math.  Become an engineer.  But I live in America.  And that shit is expensive.   And I’m 15 years late to the college party.  Shit.

Ok. Let’s reevaluate this again.  I am a living entity.  I exist in a small region of the universe.  I will die very soon in the scheme of things.  I have one small spark of life.  What do I do with it?

I had some ideas a while back on merging my intellectual desires with my personal momentum as a music artist.  I’m still working on those, though sometimes “work” just means watering the garden in the back of my mind, trying to protect the seedlings until the spring arrives.  But something still doesn’t fit right.  I feel like I’m riding a horse at top speed towards a brick wall.  Revision: my horse has been painfully slow, and it refuses to change course.

The transformative power of everything

It’s easy to get lost.  The maze once seemed small.  The world: no bigger than a town or two.  You chose a path.  With a little bit of hard work you would succeed.  Like Stephen King.

Things get fuzzy quickly. When you stand in the streets of San Francisco you can see the fog rolling down.  But when it’s on you, you have no idea how close you are to being out of it.  You could be inches from escape and never know.

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